Sunday, March 29, 2020

Majority Not Buying Trump's Words On COVID-19

In a new Ipsos poll conducted March 26 - 27, data suggests that efforts by mentally unstable sociopath Donald "I Alone Can Fix It" Trump to downplay, happy talk and misinform the public about the spreading COVID-19 virus are largely failing, with only Fux Channel viewers largely accepting his word:
"Partisan affiliation affects perceptions of facts. For example, there are more than double the number of Republicans that believe anti-malaria drugs have been approved to treat the virus (32%) than there are Democrats (14%). Among Fox News viewers, even more believe this is true (44%). [snip] 
Majorities of all demographic subgroups – across age, gender, partisan affiliation, education level, area of residence – believe the virus to be more deadly than the flu. The one exception is among Fox News viewers, where less than half (48%) say it is more deadly, 21% say less, and another 21% say about the same. [snip] 
...[B]y a nearly three-to-one margin, more Americans disagree (69%) than agree (26%) that getting people back to work is more important than social distancing. However, there is a nearly 30-point difference between Republicans and Democrats on ending social distancing; fifty-seven percent of Republicans disagree getting people back to work is more important, versus 83% of Democrats." (our emphasis)
This outcome is what you get when you elect a demagogue whose first mission was to tell his cult not to believe anyone but him, and to brand all news that didn't flatter or support him as "fake." The mounting numbers of the infected and dead from the virus he was telling his followers was under control and was a partisan "hoax" should tell them that.


donnah said...

Families of the sick and the dead should start organizing lawsuits against FOX and Trump, because he was literally recommending medical remedies that are not appropriate for treatment. He and FOX caused stampedes on drugs that are required for people with specific diseases, who now cannot get them. Ifnyou can't sue a sitting president, then go for the company who broadcasts him. Sue them and bankrupt them.

Hackwhackers said...

donnah -- As cases come up of people dying after using drugs that Trump has touted, it would be no surprise if Fux and specific hosts there are sued. It would be wonderful if / when it happens.