Monday, March 23, 2020

Vids of the Day: "Exponential Threat"

Priorities USA Action, one of the Dem's most significant PACs, is launching a $6 million ad campaign aimed squarely at narcissistic bungler Donald "Moron Vector" Trump over his fumbling of the response to the coronavirus threat. This first ad, labeled "Exponential Threat," will run in the key states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida and Wisconsin starting tomorrow.

Another ad, "Map", will be running in the days and weeks ahead, also.

The Biden campaign is also beginning to develop media ads to counter Trump's gas lighting of his failed leadership in this health crisis. (See below.)

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BONUS:  Well,  here is the first of those Biden social media ads, an explainer how we got here --


donnah said...

Good. I hoped that someone would do this. Not that it's the best time to have a campaign, but exactly why Biden needs to be heard in the middle of a crisis. He would have been prepared and he wouldn't be dropping the ball. Let Americans see the difference between competent and incompetent.

We cannot let the message die. Democrats would have done better and they will do better when they are given the opportunity. America needs to know this.

Hackwhackers said...

donnah -- Agree that Trump can't be allowed to gas light or sugar coat his negligent bungling. Everyone is feeling the impact of his failure, and the Dems need to spotlight that and offer a better vision.