Friday, May 15, 2020

Lockdown-Defying Barber Gets COVID-19

News Item: Covidiot barber who defied lockdown tests positive for COVID-19.
"The Ulster County Department of Health confirmed that a barbershop operating “illicitly” in the city of Kingston, N.Y., located about 100 miles north of New York, had an employee test positive this week, prompting concern that anyone who recently got their hair cut at the establishment may have also become infected by the potentially deadly virus."
Be ready to read a growing cascade of stories like this, from New York to Texas, from Wisconsin to Florida, as freedumb wingnuts take their lead from their cult leader, demagogue and sociopath Donald "COVID Donnie" Trump's selfishly political desire to "reopen" the economy despite the ongoing pandemic (and in violation of his own administration's guidance).

Yesterday's show of stupidity across Wisconsin, where nihilistic barflies flocked to pubs and bars without observing any social distancing, after the malignant conservative State Supreme Court struck down the Governor's stay at home order, was just the start. The crime is that these covidiots will get the virus, recklessly spread it around to others, then go to their nearest hospital and insist on treatment by health care workers who have already sacrificed so much. But, yeah, cheers!

BONUSAnother covidiot's chickens come home to roost.


donnah said...

I guess it isn't legal for businesses who open now to take “attendance” of patrons, but I think they owe it to those of us who are sheltering at home to know who these walking vectors are. If I go to a store, and I'm properly masked and gloved, I'd like to know if some thumbhead who has been hanging out in bars, unprotected, is next to me in Aisle 7. And having a record also gives medical professionals a way to track offenders.

Hackwhackers said...

donnah -- The selfish narcissists among us will continue to act as though they owe nothing to anyone else. Until, that is, when they seek medical attention as a result of their recklessness.

Professor Chaos said...

Mmmm, that's good schadenfreude!