Monday, June 1, 2020

Fadebook's Staff Rebels Against Zuckerberg

There's trouble in River City, if by River City we mean Facebook, and we do. As we noted last week, Facebook billionaire CEO Mark "Szucks" Zuckerberg has been refusing to touch malignant narcissist and demagogue Donald "Disinfectant Donnie" Trump's Facebook posts when they are false or promote violence, racism, etc. He apparently thinks currying favor with Trump and his enablers and cult members is more important that doing the right thing and maybe losing a few dollars in the process.

Now, there's a rebellion within the Facebook company, with senior and rank-and-file employees expressing their anger and disappointment at Zuckerberg. According to the linked report:
"On Monday, Facebook employees staged a virtual 'walkout' to protest the company’s decision not to touch the Trump posts according to a report in the New York Times, which cited anonymous senior employees at Facebook. The Times report says “dozens” of Facebook workers “took the day off by logging into Facebook’s systems and requesting time off to support protesters across the country.

'I work at Facebook and I am not proud of how we’re showing up. The majority of coworkers I’ve spoken to feel the same way. We are making our voice heard,' tweeted Jason Toff, a director of product management at Facebook who’s been at the company for a year. [snip]

'I don’t know what to do, but I know doing nothing is not acceptable. I’m a FB employee that completely disagrees with Mark’s decision to do nothing about Trump’s recent posts, which clearly incite violence. I’m not alone inside of FB. There isn’t a neutral position on racism,' tweeted another employee, design manager Jason Stirman."  (our emphasis)
With Twitter taking minimal steps to call Trump on his lies and demagoguery, the pressure's on Zuckerberg externally and internally to change his cynical approach. We'll see if he gets it.

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