Friday, June 12, 2020

How About These Questions To Rethug Senators?

We've all watched endless tape of Rethuglican Senators walking silently past microphones and cameras being when asked for a statement or reaction after every outrageous tweet or statement by their cult leader, con man and sociopath Donald "Bunker Boy" Trump. The overwhelming number of times, especially recently with protests over racial injustice, the Rethug Senators have pat answers like, "I haven't read it," or "I'm late for lunch," or the common "no comment."

It may be a minor thing, but there could be a better way of highlighting their cynical cowardice, though. Instead of asking for a statement or reaction, which gives them a better opportunity to dodge, put it to them as an opportunity to defend or support him, e.g.,  "Do you want to defend Trump's statement, etc.",  or "Will you support what Trump said....." Some reporters have likely tried it, but we haven't seen wide use of the method.

Sure, they will still go with the "haven't seen it." The difference is walking silently away will be seen as rejecting an opportunity to defend their cult leader if you drop that word in your question. It would likely get under Trump's skin to see them wave and walk by.


Silver Spring Bureau Chief said...

Great idea! I think it's time for Hackwhackers to have reporting from Capitol Hill. Maybe volunteer W. Hackwhacker for the job? ;)

Hackwhackers said...

SSBC -- Heh heh heh. If only they would just listen to us.....