Thursday, June 4, 2020

The Latest "Lindsey Must Go" Ad

The latest ad going after Sen. Lindsey "Huckleberry" Graham (Rat-SC), one of the most reprehensible, despicable members of Donald "Cadet Bone Spurs" Trump's posse of treasonous sycophants:

A recent poll is showing Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison tied with Huckleberry. That same poll shows that 56 percent of South Carolina voters have an unfavorable view of Huckleberry. If you are able, you can help him defeat that cynical POS once and for all by donating here.

BONUS: Huckleberry pulled his head out of Trump's backside long enough to get a blonde dye job, in order to look more like his cult leader.


donnah said...

Lindsey, like so many of his Republican counterparts, badmouthed Trump for years and then suddenly became the head remora on Trump's hind end. Was it ambition, a desire to climb higher on the political ladder? Was it for personal gain financially? Did he just need a golf partner? We may never know, but it's enough to say that John McCain would be more than a little disappointed.

W. Hackwhacker said...

donnah -- he's said privately that he gets off on the access to power. Frankly, if that's what it is, I think he should just stick a wet appendage into an electrical socket.