Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Reactions To Last Night's Shitshow

We may need to inject bleach after all, just to get cleansed after last night's epic, unhinged shit- flinging by autocratic wannabe Donald "I Alone Can Fix It" Trump, which we mostly avoided. Here are a few reactions, and some instant polling showing viewers were turned off by Trump's ugly performance: 


The instant polling by CNN bears out the points made above:

Six in 10 debate watchers said former Vice President Joe Biden did the best job in Tuesday's debate, and just 28% say President Donald Trump did, according a CNN Poll of debate watchers conducted by SSRS. [snip]

About two-thirds said Biden's answers were more truthful than Trump's (65% Biden to 29% Trump), and his attacks on the President were more frequently seen as fair. Overall, 69% called Biden's attacks on Trump fair while just 32% said Trump's attacks were fair. [snip]

A majority of debate watchers (57%) said that Tuesday's debate did not affect their choice for president, while the minority who said they were moved were more apt to say they became more likely to vote Biden (32%) than Trump (11%). Biden was, however, viewed as having better addressed concerns about his candidacy (59% Biden to 37% Trump).

We're likely to have more reactions as the dust settles.

BONUS: Vox has a summary of reactions and polling for last night indicating Biden "won". Here's an interesting metric:

"Then we have the focus groups. Republican pollster Frank Luntz convened a focus group of 16 purportedly undecided voters from swing states, and in general they had kinder things to say about Biden’s performance than Trump’s.

Asked to describe Trump in one word or phrase, the responses were: “horrid,” “chaotic,” “unpolished,” “crackhead,” “ehh,” “puzzling,” “un-American,” “unhinged,” “an ass, but a confident ass,” “classic Trump,” “forceful,” “unhinged,” “bully,” “arrogant,” arrogant,” “typical.”

Then, asked to describe Biden, the responses were: “I was surprised at how well he did,” “better than expected,” “definitely more professional than Trump and I think he’s more a people person,” “competent,” “politician,” “showed restraint and compassion,” “politician,” “predictable,” “nice guy but lacking vision,” “coherent,” “leader,” “attentive and rehearsed,” “somewhat evasive,” “humanity and integrity,” “predictable,” “presidential.”

BONUS II:  Favorite Bidenism, uttered after incessant interruptions -- "Will you shut up, man?!"

BONUS III:  LGM's Erik Loomis --

It is literally your civic duty to NOT watch the debates. You are missing nothing of interest. These debates are contributing to the destruction of our republic. They’ve been worthless for years and now they are outright toxic. Literally anything you do is a better use of your time and better for our nation. Just. Don’t. Watch.

Advice taken.

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