Saturday, September 5, 2020

Tweets Of The Day -- That Sinking Feeling

News item: “Multiple 911 calls have been made regarding boats being in distress, some sinking at the ‘Trump Boat Parade’ scheduled for Saturday afternoon on Lake Travis, according to the Travis County Sheriff’s Office. TCSO confirmed with CBS Austin that multiple boats have been sinking and are in distress,” CBS Austin reported Saturday. “The sheriff’s office says calls have been made about boats along the entire route of the parade, some of the locations include: Paradise Cove, Emerald Point and West Beach.”








BONUS:  A first- hand account from a "survivor" (the hilarious Mr. Terhune) --

(h/t Raw Story)


donnah said...

Color me a bad person, but I laughed out loud at the boating debacle. The jokes are plentiful and a new meme is born.

W. Hackwhacker said...

donnah -- it was a fitting and hilarious debacle!

Chief Squirrel said...

it was antifa terrorists doing their nefarious work!!!!!

Mart said...

Hope Billy Barr can track down those dirty terrorists who took down the SS MAGAritaville, Port and Starboard, This American boat carnage ends now, Bless that man's Trumper heart, if he ain't gonna wear no mask, he sure as hell ain't gonna wear a lifejacket. That's showing the libtards!

W. Hackwhacker said...

Chief -- exactly! Wake up, sheeple!

Mart -- Low Barr needs to get into his scuba gear and personally inspect the sunken boats for signs of sabotage. He's the only one we can trust to do the job right!