Friday, October 30, 2020

Ad: Puerto Ricans Won't Forget Trump's Betrayal

Latin salsa super star and philanthropist Marc Anthony witnessed first hand white supremacist and habitual liar Donald "COVID Donnie" Trump's disregard and despicable behavior toward our fellow Americans who call Puerto Rico their home. Treating them as third class citizens, when they've shed their blood for America in every war since World War I and have contributed so much to our culture and vitality as a nation. Trump is counting on enough Puerto Ricans to forget his lies, disrespect and neglect. Marc Anthony is here to tell him they won't forget on November 3.

It'll be a close election in Florida, and the Latino vote will be absolutely critical.  Puerto Rican-Americans are a large and politically aware demographic there and elsewhere throughout the U.S.  They won't forget, and they could make a big difference in defeating Trump.

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