Monday, October 5, 2020

Looks Like Somebody's Overmedicated

 The space cadet-in-chief tweets today from his hospital bed:

Wow, that one was out of the wild blue yonder. He must be flying high on the powerful cocktail of drugs he's taken. Grab the nuclear codes, stat! Some replies:


rjnerd said...

Its the decadron they put him on. Late wife had it as part of her chemo regimen. Lots of repeatable mood swings, etc.

The handout they had for the stuff said ofcourse no heavy machinery, but as important, no heavy decisions. Deciding its time to have lunch is fine. Deciding to leave your fortune to your cat, maybe not so much.

Also came with serious brain fog. Wife was genius level, graduating Summa from Dartmouth, pure math PhD from MIT, and a public health degree. >80 journal articles, ~10K cites.

A couple of hours in for the fog to roll in, and never mind just read something light, she found keeping up with those pick a house shows on HGTV too challenging. (Cornell bird feeder tv, color, movement, no dialog)

Last check out My wall of shame for covidiots. Maybe nominate someone

Hackwhackers said...

rjnerd -- Thanks so much for this background and your experiences. We'll definitely check out

Infidel753 said...

Somebody please take away his nuke codes. Same principle as taking a drunk person's car keys.