Wednesday, November 4, 2020

He Knows He's Losing

Early this morning, as votes were still being tabulated from same-day voting which favored would-be tin pot dictator and malignant sociopath Donald "COVID Donnie" Trump, he stood behind a podium at the White (Supremacist) House and declared he'd been victorious and threatened to go to the Supreme Court:

“We’ll be going to the U.S. Supreme Court — we want all voting to stop."

Of course, the voting has stopped, it's a matter of counting the votes that he fears. He knows that the mail-in / absentee vote favors former VP Biden (see post below). What we've been seeing in battleground states up until now are primarily the election day votes. As we watch mail-in ballots being tabulated from Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Las Vegas and other Dem strongholds, it's clear that they are going mostly for Biden. We can imagine his legal team frantically trying to cool his passion for rigging the election by stopping the counting of ballots by threatening legal action, something that would likely lead to his further embarrassment. 

Be patient. Count every ballot. Tune Trump out.

BONUS Infidel 753 has a clear-eyed take on the election so far

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