Friday, January 22, 2021

Many Republican Politicians At Capitol Insurrection

While much of the focus has been on the elected Federal seditionists connected with the domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol on January 6 (like vile Sens. Ted Coup [Sedition-TX] and Josh "Haw Haw" Hawley [Sedition-MO]), many more State and local Republican officials actually participated in the coup attempt, at least 21 by HuffPo's count. Some were arrested quickly, like lunatic former West Virginia delegate Derrick Evans who resigned after his video of storming the Capitol was provided to the FBI. Then there's violent New Mexico county commissioner and "Cowboys 4 Trump" leader Couy Griffin, who was arrested on various charges in Washington, DC, on January 17 after promising to come back "armed" on January 20. 

It's beyond disturbing that dangerously violent seditionists like these, brainwashed by their cult leader, the QAnon cult, and far right-wing media, have been elected to positions in their communities and states. They're literally the tip of the iceberg of the unAmerican, Republican voters who put them there, and with whom there can be no reasonable dialogue without accountability and a reckoning.

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