Saturday, April 3, 2021

Statement From Corporations Opposing Voter Suppression


We note in our post below how egregious and dangerous Georgia's voter suppression law is to the survival of our democratic republic. After missing the boat to oppose Georgia's new Jim Crow voter suppression law, major corporations are being more vocal before the voter suppression deed is done in other states. Moving the MLB All-Star game out of Atlanta is reactive, but does send a message to other Republican state legislatures planning to follow Georgia's example. In Texas, a state that is perhaps only two or four years from turning purple, Republicans fearing the loss of their power are cobbling together a similar voter suppression law intended to allow them to pick who votes and who doesn't. 

This time, 193 corporations including Hewlitt Packard, Dow, Viacom, Microsoft and MLB, are stating their opposition to state bills being considered that would restrict voter access to the ballot box. These corporations have signed a statement insisting that voting rights be preserved, saying in part:

"Our elections are not improved when lawmakers impose barriers that result in longer lines at the polls or that reduce access to secure ballot dropboxes. There are hundreds of bills threatening to make voting more difficult in dozens of states nationwide. We call on elected leaders in every state capitol and in Congress to work across the aisle and ensure that every eligible American has the freedom to easily cast their ballot and participate fully in our democracy."  (our emphasis)

Unfortunately, what the statement lacks is a commitment from those companies to deny political contributions to the Republican legislators and their party organizations (including political action committees which support them) if such laws are passed. Without that commitment to defund their campaigns, the statement is necessary but insufficient. The Republicans respond to their donors; make them listen or pay the price.

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