Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Tweets Of The Day

Just before the Chauvin verdict was announced, the beat goes on --



Some people (Republicans) don't want some people (minorities) to vote --



And they don't want "them" to protest, either --



On the eve of House vote on DC Statehood, nitwit has thoughts --



On Walter Mondale (please read the entire thread -- you'll be glad you did) --


Mart said...

The Mondale story teared me up, reached for a kleenex. I am such a wimp.

Meremark said...

To the Adam Serwers who blame 'cultural/social/institutional' context--i.e., circumstances-- for bad behaviors (such as murder). Whereas, personal bad character can be and often is a simpler, and truer, explanation, actually, in fact.

(When ourselves is homeless we feel we are the victim of circumstance.
When we see others homeless we likely first assume and judge their character: poor quality.)

In Chauvin's case there is this video I wish The Serwers (right wingers) were required to watch.
It presents someone who practices analysing personal character. It is not admissible as courtroom evidence, no. But it (poor character and insightful judgement) does exist and deserves consideration among true facts of life.

If anyone might reach Adam, in this case, offer him this:

37minutes video, strange in Western culture sense.