Thursday, May 6, 2021

Arizona Warned By DOJ About Apparent "Audit" Illegalities


Excerpt of a May 5 letter from Pamela S. Karlan, DOJ Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney, Civil Rights Division, to Arizona Republican State Senate Leader Karen Fann:

The Department has reviewed available information, including news reports and  complaints regarding the procedures being used for this audit. The information of  which we are aware raises concerns regarding at least two issues of potential non compliance with federal laws enforced by the Department.  

The first issue relates to a number of reports suggesting that the ballots, elections  systems, and election materials that are the subject of the Maricopa County audit are no  longer under the ultimate control of state and local elections officials, are not being  adequately safeguarded by contractors at an insecure facility, and are at risk of being  lost, stolen, altered, compromised or destroyed... [snip]

The second issue relates to the Cyber Ninjas’ statement of work for this audit.3  Among other things, the statement of work indicates that the contractor has been  working “with a number of individuals” to “identify voter registrations that did not  make sense, and then knock on doors to confirm if valid voters actually lived at the  stated address.” [snip] This description of the proposed work of  the audit raises concerns regarding potential intimidation of voters... [snip]

Past experience with similar investigative efforts around the country  has raised concerns that they can be directed at minority voters, which potentially can  implicate the anti-intimidation prohibitions of the Voting Rights Act. Such investigative  efforts can have a significant intimidating effect on qualified voters that can deter them  from seeking to vote in the future.   

            We would appreciate your response to the concerns described herein, including  advising us of the steps that the Arizona Senate will take to ensure that violations of  federal law do not occur.  


The Trumpist election usurpers are on notice, and the Biden Department of Justice isn't playing games.


donnah said...

If we don't squash these Fraudits, they will gain momentum and take over the legal election process. Arizona's recount is as ridiculous and dangerous as it can be and people in authority need to shut them down NOW. I'm so sick of Republican cheating!

W. Hackwhacker said...

donnah -- "fraudits" / good one!! Yes, hopefully, now that the Civil Rights Division has its leadership in place, they're ready to roll these fraudits up!