Saturday, May 8, 2021

QOTD: The Contrast (Cont.)


"After months of being fed lies about the election by the conservative news media, much of the party has come to embrace them as true. 

"Sarah Longwell, a Republican strategist who has been conducting focus groups of Trump voters for years, said that since the election she had found an increased openness to what she calls 'QAnon curious,”'a willingness to entertain conspiracy theories about stolen elections and a deep state. 'A lot of these base voters are living in a post-truth nihilism where you believe in nothing and think that everything might be untrue,' said Ms. Longwell, who opposed Mr. Trump. Contrasting the priorities of Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump, she added: 'It’s an open question which strategy wins: Trying to do things that materially improve people’s lives or trying to attack things that make them feel aggrieved.'” -- Lisa Lerer in her New York Times piece, "Marooned at Mar-a-Lago, Trump Still Has Iron Grip on Republicans."   (our emphasis)

As with Moscow Mitch McConnell's disgusting declaration that he was 100 percent focused on stopping the Biden agenda,  the "post- truth nihilism" of the rotted out, anti- democracy Republican Party is out there for all to see -- unconcerned about solving the country's problems (that they largely created), intent on dividing us along racial and cultural lines, and willing to use any means to maintain power in a country that's growing away from them.

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