Thursday, July 29, 2021

Qevin McCarthy Invokes QAnon Term

Moronic blowdried hack and QAnon quackery adherent House minority leader Rep. Kevin "Qevin" McCarthy called the lie-hungry Beltway media together today to vomit out a series of lies, deflection, and at least one infamous term used by QAnon cultists, namely, "the storm is coming":

"There's a greater chance you'd got hit by lighting," McCarthy said. He then took a long pause, and then declared, "But for some reason, Pelosi thinks the storm is coming."

The Republican / Trumpist / GQP's latest faux issue is the House's requirement -- based on the recommendation of the House physician and CDC guidelines -- that masks be worn on the floor of the House. Our suggestion is that Speaker Pelosi urge Republican Congresscritters not to jump off of a tall building, knowing that Qevin and his covidiots will gladly do the opposite just to, you know, show her.

(photo: Qevin whisperer the QAnon shaman. Win McNamee / Getty Images)

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Jimmy T said...

I've taken to calling the QAnon cultists the Quers, and am also expecting them to form the Q-stapo sometime soon. They cannot be reasoned with. They cannot see beyond their own selfish motives. They cannot empathize with the rest of us. Professor Cipolla's Five Fundamental Laws of Stupidity completely describes who they are. Law #5---A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person.