Friday, July 23, 2021

Trump PAC Shearing His Sheep


This story can be filed under "so what else is new?"  The corrupt former guy's so-called "Save America leadership PAC" has sucked some $75 million from the pockets of his gullible cult with the ostensible purpose of conducting futile and fraudulent ballot "audits" in various swing states to further his "Big Lie."  However, that PAC has yet to devote funds to the effort they say they're supporting. So where's the loot going? The WaPo reports:

"Instead, the Save America leadership PAC — which has few limits on how it can spend its money — has paid for some of the former president’s travel, legal costs and staff, along with other expenses, according to the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the group’s inner workings. The PAC has held onto much of its cash.

Even as he assiduously tracks attempts by his allies to cast doubt on the integrity of last year’s election, Trump has been uninterested in personally bankrolling the efforts, relying on other entities and supporters to fund the endeavors, they said. 

The tactic allows Trump to build up a war chest to use in the 2022 midterms on behalf of candidates he favors — and to stockpile cash for another potential White House run, an unprecedented maneuver for a former president."  (our emphasis)

Maybe his cult followers know the money's not really going to "audits" but we doubt it. Their level of delusion is such that if he told them he was building a space ship to travel to Mars, they'd kick in their paychecks because Dear Leader wants it.

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