Thursday, August 5, 2021

Own The Libs, Get COVID, Die


In another example of Darwin's theory of natural selection, zealous Texas right-winger and freedumb proclaimer H. Scott Apley was an angry contrarian when it came to masks and vaccines. He was a member of the Texas GQP's State Republican Executive Committee, and sat on the Dickenson, TX city council. 

Last Friday, Apley was still claiming on Facebook that vaccines didn't work, a crusade he's been on since President Biden was inaugurated. Then, two days later, Apley was in the emergency room of a Galveston hospital, testing positive for COVID. He died yesterday, apparently without realizing or admitting that he was wrong about COVID. Apley's wife and young son have also tested positive for the virus, but there's no further word on their status.

From the WaPo's account:

"A leader of the Texas Republican Party hopped on Facebook in May to post about a “mask burning” party 900 miles away in Cincinnati.

'I wished I lived in the area!' wrote H Scott Apley.

The month before, Apley responded to what Baltimore’s former health commissioner was heralding as 'great news' — clinical trials showed the Pfizer vaccine was effective at fighting the coronavirus for at least six months, including one of the recent variants.

'You are an absolute enemy of a free people,' he wrote in a Twitter reply."

From this and other published reports, Apley was a true believer in all of the lies and conspiracy theories about COVID and vaccines. It's also true of his fellow Rethuglican wingnuts, who in memorializing Apley didn't note what he died of, or that a vaccine might have saved him:

"[Galveston County Republican Chair Patrick] McGinnis, who did not mention that Apley died of the coronavirus, remembered his colleague as 'an advocate for liberty, limited government and the highest ideal of American Exceptionalism.'

Texas GOP Chairman Matt Rinaldi noted in a separate statement that Apley had 'a long history of conservative political activism.'”

Nature can be cruel in its selection of "survivors" in life. COVID and its Delta variant are relentlessly culling out those true believers in the myths and lies about the virus that their rotting party and their media enablers are spreading. 

BONUS:  Here's that Apley tweet harassing health policy expert Dr. Leana Wen back in April --



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