Thursday, October 21, 2021

QOTD -- More Sticks, Less Carrots

"The experience of the nine months since vaccines became widely available is simple. Carrots — benefits such as gift cards and giveaways and lotteries — sound great. Bribing people to take the vaccine — or to put it more politely, incentivizing them — sounds better than forcing them. But it hasn’t worked — at least not nearly well enough — and the audience on whom it might work has now been vaccinated.

"What has produced results, and has the promise of doing much more to reduce the population of the unvaccinated, are mandates. They inevitably invite a game of chicken. People complain; they threaten to quit. Then, for the most part, they cave. Corporate chieftains and elected officials need to call these bluffs, even if it requires taking on public employee unions and terminating a few hundred people here and there to drive home the point: Saying no has a price." -- James Hohmann in today's Washington Post.  Hohmann goes on to point out that the vast majority when faced with the choice of a pink slip or a shot choose the shot -- resulting in 99% compliance in many cases.

Get. The. Damn. Vaccine.

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