Monday, October 18, 2021

QOTD: Protecting The Ballot


On Wednesday, the Senate is expected to open debate on the Freedom to Vote Act. It is a compromise, but still has important protections like expansion of voting by mail, making Election Day a national holiday, and prohibiting partisan gerrymandering. The New York Times' Charles Blow sums up why passage of this Act is vitally important to maintain our democracy:

"For Democrats, this voting rights bill is a top priority, but from now until something is passed, it should be the only priority. In another time, I would think that the infrastructure and reconciliation bills should take precedence. It’s impossible to argue that we don’t need those things. It is also impossible to argue that many of the provisions would not disproportionately benefit poor people and Black and Hispanic people.

But even if you have glistening infrastructure in a fascist state, you are still in a fascist state. If you get two years of community college free in a fascist state, you are still in a fascist state. If more people get broadband access, more people will be able to search for what it means to live in a fascist state.

Protecting ballot access is the only thing that matters right now."  (our emphasis)

No Republicans are expected to join Dems in passing the legislation, which would require 10 Republicans to break a filibuster. It's the right time to do away with the filibuster, especially on a vote that may determine the fate of our democracy.

(photo: Hill Street Studios)

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