Thursday, October 21, 2021

Trump Will Have His Own Tantrum Platform


Ever since malignant loser and seditious demagogue Donald "Big Lie" Trump has been banned from Facebook and Twitter, he's been resorting to buffoonish "statements" issued on line by his various PR toadies. The supreme narcissist has clearly missed rage tweeting, social media outbursts and conspiracy mongering. 

Now it appears Trump may have his own platform from which to launch his bile, some seven months after promising such a platform in "two or three months".  Calling his social media platform the Orwellian "Truth Social", the Big Lie guy thinks he can challenge "Big Tech's" supremacy and power to stifle his toxicity. But it's been a bit of a checkered start, as Bryan Pietsch in the WaPo notes:

"The site was briefly accessible to the public on Wednesday night, allowing people to create accounts and claim usernames. One account under the handle “donaldjtrump” posted a photo of a pig defecating."

It's worth noting that it's not like Trump has a knack for creating and sustaining social media platforms, per Pietsch's article:

"After he lost his online platform this spring, Trump launched a blog called 'From the Desk of Donald Trump.' But as The Washington Post and others reported, the site had low readership.

The blog shuttered after 29 days amid reports that Trump was upset by media coverage about its small audience.

Trump has been planning the launch of a platform like Truth Social for months. His advisers previously told The Post that the former president feared the blog’s underwhelming launch could cast doubt on the social media platform he wanted to create."  (our emphasis)

Such a baby, such a quitter. In a related column in today's WaPo, Paul Waldman thinks "Truth Social" is destined to fail, too:

"It could be that it’s nothing more than one in a long line of small-time business schemes, akin to Trump Steaks and Trump Vodka. The general public can no longer be a target for Trump to earn a few bucks as he tries to shore up his failing business; if he started a scam like Trump University today, no one would be naive enough to sign up.

So who are Trump’s potential customers? His most devoted political supporters, who can be lured in with the promise of participating in the project of Trumpism, then be targeted with ads for MyPillow, gold coins or whatever other bottom-feeding enterprises can be persuaded to advertise on Truth Social.

But there’s only so much revenue to be had from those sources. And after an initial wave of loyalists signing up for Truth Social, the number of subscribers will probably wither away. Sooner or later, they will probably realize that yelling about liberals who have no idea you exist isn’t nearly as much fun as yelling at liberals."  (our emphasis)

We suspect before this latest attention-grabbing attempt by The Loser folds, it will become a rich target for pranksters and hackers. A photo of a pig defecating is a start: 

BONUS: Here's a report on the dodgy financing scheme Trump's using to fund his platform. 

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