Friday, December 3, 2021

Ad With Insulting Words For Trump To Continue


You may have seen the right-wing Club for Plutocrats Growth ad running in Ohio against Senate Republican candidate and shape-shifting opportunist J.D. Vance. It uses Vance's own caustic words from the past about malicious cult leader Donald "Sore Loser" Trump, something that's verboten in Republican circles, in an attempt to sink his candidacy:

The anti-Vance ad caught the narcissistic loser's eye, and he's not happy with the Club for Growth for disseminating the harshly critical words about him ("noxious,""idiot," "reprehensible," etc.) on Ohio's airwaves....because it might hurt his popularity. He reportedly called the Club for Growth's President, David McIntosh, last month and asked that the ads be pulled down. In response, they said "yes sir!" bought another $500,000 of airtime for the ad in Ohio. Ouch! Thanks for your input!

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