Sunday, March 6, 2022

Sunday Reflection

Normally we carry a thoughtful quote or observation from a noted person in this space. We can't today. Instead, we're going to post three heartbreaking photos going viral of the scene in Ukraine after an 18-month old baby was killed by Russian artillery fire in Mariupol. In the first picture, a father and mother rush the baby into a hospital, his blanket bloody from his fatal wounds. Next, the couple grieves inconsolably at the loss of their little joy. Then, the despair of the doctor that couldn't save the baby's life. 

So today, reflect on what kind of deeply evil monsters would shell civilian populations deliberately, repeatedly and indiscriminately, seeking to terrify them into submission. Reflect on this barbarism in the year 2022 and its toll on innocents. Never forget these dark times, and who caused them.

(photos: Evgeny Malotetka / AP)

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