Monday, May 23, 2022

Princess Ivanka's Image Rehabilitation Tour

Deciding it was time to begin her image rehabilitation tour after daddy's disastrous, treasonous term which culminated in a coup attempt, grifter and "senior advisor" to the Malignant Loser (and object of his lustIvanka "Complicit" Trump was in Poland to deliver meals to Ukrainian refugees. She made sure the trip was well-covered and photographed, aided by the usual suspects in the Trump media world. From The Guardian's report:

"If you haven’t heard about the former first daughter’s latest selfless humanitarian exertions, it’s not because she has been modest about them. Ivanka has kept a low profile since her father lost the 2020 election, but has recently stepped back into the spotlight to ensure her good deeds don’t go unnoticed. On Friday, Ivanka updated her Instagram account for the first time since January with a post trumpeting the fact that she has helped deliver more than a million meals to Ukrainian refugees in Poland. Fox News also published a long puff piece full of adoring quotes from anonymous sources and a Florida pastor she is working with about how a plane full of food destined for refugees would never have got off the ground 'if it weren’t for [Ivanka’s] immediate involvement'”.  (our emphasis)

The sponsors might want to check their accounting to make sure Princess Ivanka hasn't made off with a share of the donations, given her and her family's history with their fraudulent charities. Of course, the irony of her aiding Ukrainian refugees after her daddy's long and continuing romance with Russian thug and war criminal Vladimir Putin is repulsive. Daddy's extortion of Ukraine, withholding weapons in exchange for dirt on President Biden, was immortalized by his first impeachment, and it's something most Ukrainians should never forget as the Princess continues her image rehab tour.

(photo: "OK, these juice boxes may be expired, but keep smiling!"  Ivanka Trump Facebook)

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