Monday, June 20, 2022

Texas Republicans Go Full MAGA Loco

A pack of howling, bigoted, gun- fondling submorons otherwise known as delegates to the Texas Republican Party Convention vented their grievances and deep thoughts over the weekend, offering a seditionist party platform that had something nasty for everyone:

Thousands of Republican activists meeting in Houston this weekend for the state’s party convention agreed to a resolution that rejects the outcome of the 2020 presidential election and refers to Joe Biden as an illegitimate president.

The delegates also called for the repeal of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which was passed to end discrimination against Black Americans at the polls.

Separately, a party platform presented to convention delegates labeled homosexuality “an abnormal lifestyle choice.” According to the Texas Tribune, the platform also advocates for children to learn in school about “the humanity of the preborn child,” promoting new messaging after the state has taken steps to vastly restrict abortion.

And less than a month after 19 children and two teachers were shot to death at a Texas elementary school, convention delegates adopted a formal “rebuke” of Sen. John Cornyn (R) for engaging in bipartisan gun control talks. Attendees also loudly booed him when he gave a convention speech Friday when he tried to explain potential legislation.

This is the party that's in control of the Texas state government, controls 24 out of 36 Congressional seats, has two U.S. Senators, an entirely Republican State Supreme Court, and is in complete control of redistricting --  i.e., they're already running a banana republic state down there, but feel the constant need to bully and punch down.

Here's what the state's Democratic Party chair had to say:

“It’s like these people live in some kind of parallel universe that is hate filled and conspiracy filled and have a twisted view of our democracy and Constitution,” said Gilberto Hinojosa, chairman of the Texas Democratic Party. “It’s almost like these people are on a psychotic, drug-induced trip.”

It's not just the state party in Texas;  this extremist insanity is blooming in practically every Republican state convention in varying degrees, addressing familiar bugaboos and culture war chimeras ginned up during election cycles.  But through all the clatter, the bottom line remains:  only the Democratic Party is committed to democracy, to voting rights, and to living with the results of free and fair elections.

BONUS:  Right- wing commentator and "Firing Line" host Margaret Hoover shares Mr. Hinojosa's assessment

"They are nuts," she said of Texas GOP activists. "This isn't a five-alarm fire, this is like an asteroid is coming for Earth if you're in the GOP party in Texas. It's a mess. You really have to take it very, very seriously."

BONUS II:  Checking some photos of the convention reveals a certain demographic in attendance --

(Top photo: MAGA moron merch on sale for the marks - Justin Rex for the Texas Tribune; center photo: Lola Gomez, Dallas Morning News;  bottom photo: Bob Daemmrich, Dallas Morning News)

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