Thursday, June 23, 2022

Today's January 6 Insurrection Hearing And Beyond

Today's January 6 insurrection hearing (1 p.m. 3 p.m. EDT) will focus on the Malignant Loser's efforts to corrupt the Justice Department in his conspiracy to overturn the results of the 2020 election.  Former acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, former acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue and the head of the Office of Legal Counsel Steven Engel are expected to testify as to the efforts of the Malignant Loser, John Eastman, and Jeffrey Clark to declare that there was fraud in the election in order to provide cover for Republican Senators and Congressmen to sabotage the electoral vote count.

A potentially critical development for a future hearing is the sudden willingness of Rep. Mo Brooks (Sedition-AL), who was double-crossed by the Malignant Loser in Brooks' recent run for the Republican Senate nomination in Alabama, to testify as to what interactions he had with the Malignant Loser on or around January 6, 2021.

Brooks, an up- to- now loyal Trumpist who spoke at the rally that preceded the insurrection at the Capitol, seems to have had a political deathbed conversion:

Brooks, who was once a champion of Trump's post-2020 election fraud lies, slammed the former president for having "no loyalty" and not being a "man of his word." The lawmaker told Beavers that Trump won't do anything unless it "enhances his wallet or his ego."

Though once a loyal Trump supporter, Brooks has since accused the president of repeatedly asking him to illegally "rescind" the 2020 election as the two men's relationship has publicly fallen apart.  

The Malignant Loser not loyal and only looking out for his own interests?!  What a revelation!

According to January 6 committee chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS), an updated subpoena for Brooks is "in the process of either redoing it or it’s out the door."

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