Tuesday, July 5, 2022

NATO Moves To Accept Finland, Sweden


Earlier today in Brussels, all 30 member nations of NATO signed protocols that will be placed before their legislatures to allow Finland and Sweden to become full members of the alliance. In order for that to happen, each legislature must ratify the protocols, something that could take months, assuming all goes smoothly. However, despite Turkey's lifting of its objections to accepting the nordic nations into NATO, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan warned Finland and Sweden that Turkey expects them to fulfill the commitments they made regarding ending support for Kurdish militant groups and lifting an arms embargo for Turkey before their legislative body would accept their membership. Turkey has also sought F-16 warplanes from the U.S., something that President Biden has indicated that he'll support.

Russian thug and war criminal Vladimir Putin has long sought the diminishment, if not the abolition, of NATO, a goal shared by Putin puppet the Malignant Loser, who tried to undermine NATO during his four years in office. Now, with NATO potentially growing to 32 members, including Finland which shares an 800 mile border with Russia, Putin's decision to invade Ukraine has backfired dramatically in terms of a stronger NATO alliance.


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