Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Tweets of the Day


Breaking wind: Boebert announces FART for House -- 

You'll have to stand in line -- 

Welcome to The Handmaid's Tale, Florida episode --

The master con man's best tricks --  



He hires only the best people, too --


The "very fine people on both sides" fifth anniversary --  

Russia's war at home --  

Bicycling while cat napping --  

1 comment:

*FelineMama* said...

I would be OK to see the Treasonous Orange Fat Bastard ride his golf cart, red hat, thumbs up, ankle bracelets to jail. OH YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!
Would need a sign nearby sayin', "See, I'm Makin Amerika Great Again" !!
Yes, he would mis-spell America.