Sunday, November 27, 2022

Trump Unleashes On "Seriously Disturbed" West


The Malignant Loser needs to come up with nicknames for two of his dangerously loony fascist fans, one of whom he now describes as "seriously troubled," after he was busted for hosting anti-Semitic mental case Kanye "Jackass" West and scummy white supremacist Holocaust denier Nick "The Prick" Fuentes. Here he is on his failing social media site:

So the Malignant Loser was just trying to help a guy who "happens to be black" and give him "much needed advice" (hope it wasn't about mental health). Such a color-blind humanitarian. And the "fake news" that actually reported on it, shame on them for exposing him...again! That Fuentes guy? Never heard of him even though he was a "stop the steal" organizer.

It's created a virtual shit storm of backlash across the political spectrum from anti-defamation groups to some in his own corrupt party. It should be a final straw for some of his political enablers and cultists, but after being silent about so many offenses against groups of people and our institutions, we aren't expecting anything to change with them.

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Now Am Found! said...

why would they speak they now? clearly their silence since the jolly escalator ride shows their racism and intolerance and religious bigotry. the orange ferret wearing treason weasel's actions and words give them tacit approval and they can say anything they want without reprisal. camera phones have only shown us what was already there