Saturday, December 3, 2022

Rogue AZ Supervisors May Face Prosecution


Weeks after the election results determined that Dem Governor-elect Katie Hobbs had won the governorship of Arizona over radical right- wing Trumpist election denier and loser Kari "Fake" Lake, two election-denying Republican county supervisors in Cochise County who refused to certify their county's election results now face investigation and prosecution for violating state election law. The rogue Republican supervisors, Tom Crosby and Peggy Judd, refused to perform their duty in the certification process, and jeopardized not only their county's ballots but the overall certified count for the state:

"Crosby and Judd threw the state certification process into disarray last month when they delayed their official canvassing of the midterm election results in Cochise County, citing bogus claims that electronic tabulators didn’t meet state or federal standards. It was only after a court ordered them to complete their statutorily mandated duties that they did so on Dec. 1, days after the Nov. 28 deadline." (our emphasis)

Hobbs, the current Secretary of State for Arizona, has the statutory responsibility for the state's overall election certification. Ironically, all of the ballots of heavily Republican Cochise County would have been set aside and would have helped to flip some races to the Dems:

"Their actions put the official statewide canvass in jeopardy, as Hobbs must meet a Dec. 5 deadline to certify the results. She can only push that deadline as far as Dec. 8. If she decided to go ahead with the process without the results from Cochise County, a heavily Republican region, more than 47,000 voters could have seen their ballots ignored and a number of races would have flipped in favor of Democratic candidates."

The penalties for Crosby and Judd, if they are prosecuted and found guilty, could range from misdemeanors to felonies. Interestingly, if found guilty of a felony, the two morons would have their right to vote revoked and could lose their elected positions. Sad!


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