Tuesday, January 31, 2023

AZ Official: Kari Lake May Have Violated Law

Arizona's Secretary of State Adrian Fontes has asked Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes to investigate whether Trumpist election denier and loser of Arizona's 2022 gubernatorial race Kari "Shallow" Lake committed a felony in posting signatures of voters she claimed were fraudulent. According to the Washington Post:

"As part of the former gubernatorial candidate’s grievances, a Jan. 23 tweet from Lake’s account claimed 40,000 ballots didn’t match voter signatures that Arizona had on record. The tweet included a graphic containing images of 16 voter signatures.

'I think all the ‘Election Deniers’ out there deserve an apology,' the tweet said.

In his letter, Fontes pointed to state law involving public inspection of voter registration records. That law says records containing voter signatures 'shall not be accessible or reproduced by any person other than the voter.'

Violation of that law, he wrote, is a felony."  (our emphasis)

Lake has continued to maintain falsely that she won the election, offering no credible evidence to prove her case. As late as Sunday at a so-called "Save Arizona" rally, Lake reiterated her claim that the election was "stolen" from her, specifically targeting Dem leaning Maricopa County officials for abuse. She lost statewide by over 17,000 votes to Dem Katie Hobbs. Last month, a Republican-appointed Maricopa County judge threw out her case claiming election fraud, which the judge said was based on "speculation" and "conjecture" rather than facts and evidence. He later ordered her to pay the litigation costs of the defendants in the case. Meanwhile, Lake is raking in large sums from her gullible followers in her election- denying fundraising scam.

(photo: Lake with her malignant mentor. Mario Tama / Getty Images)


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