Thursday, February 2, 2023

Lawsuit Against Vigilante Rittenhouse To Proceed

A Federal District Judge in Wisconsin is allowing a wrongful death lawsuit against right-wing killer Kyle Rittenhouse to proceed, after attempts by him to evade legal papers. The lawsuit was brought by the father of one of Rittenhouse's victims, Anthony Huber, 26. The suit also names Kenosha, WI, officials and police for creating a lawless atmosphere in which Rittenhouse was allowed to roam the streets with an illegally purchased AR-15 style rifle. Rittenhouse, 17 at the time, traveled from Illinois to Wisconsin to commit his murder of two individuals in the summer of 2020 during protests over the shooting of Jacob Blake. A biased Kenosha jury acquitted Rittenhouse of all charges in November 2021, after seeing Rittenhouse put on a wholly theatrical, blubbering "self-defense" argument on the witness stand.

Federal Judge Lynn Adelman scoffed at Rittenhouse's claim that he wasn't properly served with the lawsuit papers, after obviously evading service:

"Rittenhouse had argued that the case against him should be dismissed because he wasn’t properly served with the lawsuit. Adelman dismissed that, saying that Rittenhouse 'is almost certainly evading service.'

Attorneys and private investigators for John Huber spent over 100 hours trying to locate Rittenhouse, tracking down addresses in seven states, before they found the home of his mother and sister in Florida. The lawsuit was served on Rittenhouse’s sister, who said that he wasn’t home. Adelman said that was sufficient to qualify as being served.

'Rittenhouse has been deliberately cagey about his whereabouts,' Adelman wrote. 'Although he denies living in Florida, he does not identify the place that he deems to be his residence.'" (our emphasis)

The homicidal little bastard has been invited to various right-wing, gun centric events since his acquittal, but has faced cancellations recently due to his notoriety. Facing this wrongful death lawsuit, his glory days on the fascist tour may be coming to an end.

(photo: Rittenhouse stalking his prey. Adam Rogan / The Journal Times via AP)


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