Friday, February 3, 2023

Trump's Scotland Properties Bleeding Money

The multi- bankruptcy- filing Malignant Loser's week continues to worsen with news that his Scottish golf properties continue to bleed money to the tune of 4.4 million pounds ($5.3 million) in 2021, as disclosed in a delayed release of their financial reports. Turnberry and the Balmedie properties lost $4.46 million and $839,000 respectively, with a combination of factors being the Malignant Loser's internationally tarnished brand, the effects of Brexit on supplies and labor, and COVID restrictions.

When Brexit was being debated in the UK, the Malignant Loser voiced his support of the UK's move away from the European Union. With a recession looming, Brits are now reconsidering the wisdom of exiting the EU: a YouGov poll last October indicated that by a margin of 56 to 32, Brits say it was wrong to leave.

(photo: A rotund Trump in the rough at the Balmedie course. Ian MacNicol/Getty)


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