Monday, March 27, 2023

The Face In A School Bus Window

 Six people -- three kids and three adults -- lost their lives in another mass shooting, this time at a private school in Nashville. The pain borne by the families of the victims must be incalculable and deep. There are other victims, too: the survivors for whom this day will never be forgotten, much as they would like to forget. The face of this little girl being evacuated on the school bus expresses the fear and sadness that she'll carry going forward as a scar on her memory.

There have been 129 mass shootings since the beginning of 2023. There is one party, one corrupt and hopelessly evil party that year after year blocks common sense, publicly popular gun safety / gun control measures. They call themselves "pro-family" and "pro-life," but that's a sick joke on us, and on this little girl who lost her classmates and her innocence today.

(photo: Nicole Hester / Reuters)



Mark said...

How many Republicans will attend the funerals wearing their AR-15 lapel pins?

Mart said...

When did we stop counting the shooter as one of the dead? Noticed yesterday it was consistent across the media. Did I miss the memo?