Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Trump Loses Key Ruling In Rape Trial

Habitual criminal and sexual predator the Malignant Loser lost a motion in Federal District court yesterday when Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled that evidence that he sought to exclude would be accepted in E. Jean Carroll's civil rape trial. The trial is set for April 25 in New York City. From the Associated Press:

"Judge Lewis A. Kaplan in Manhattan ruled that key witnesses will be allowed to testify and misogynistic remarks Trump made about women in 2005 when he apparently didn’t realize he was being recorded can be played for a jury that will hear quarter-century-old rape allegations made by a former magazine columnist. [snip]

In an order Monday, Kaplan ruled specifically that he would allow the 'Access Hollywood' tape and testimony by two other women who say Trump attacked them sexually to be included in next month’s trial, repeating his rulings from the defamation case.

'There is no reason, and Mr. Trump has made no persuasive argument, for me to rule differently,' he wrote.

He also said he will allow testimony from two individuals who worked at the department store at the time of the alleged rape to testify, even though Trump’s lawyers objected, saying they hadn’t been notified in a timely fashion of the testimony and hadn’t had a chance to depose the witnesses.

The judge said lawyers for Carroll had notified them of the witnesses in a timely fashion." (our emphasis)

Carroll was able to bring rape charges under the temporary "Adult Survivors Law" which opened the window for adults to sue their attackers beyond the normal statute of limitations. While the Malignant Loser won't face jail time as it's a civil case, he faces financial penalties and the ugly mark of being a rapist if convicted.

(photos: José Luis Villegas and Seth Wenig/AP)


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