Friday, March 31, 2023

Turkey Clears The Way For Finland To Join NATO

Turkey's parliament has voted unanimously to approve Finland's application to join NATO, clearing the way for full membership for the Scandinavian neighbor of Russia. Hungary's parliament voted on Monday to accept Finland's application by a wide margin. Turkey had objected to Finland's tolerance of Kurdish groups hostile to Turkey in Finland, demanding the extradition of activists. 

Finland's neighbor Sweden had applied to join NATO at the same time in a package deal that would significantly upgrade NATO's military clout given those countries' military sophistication and preparedness. Finland's military and its 800 mile plus border with Russia makes it a vital asset in protecting the West from aggression from Putin's terrorist state on NATO's northern flank. Sweden, however, is facing the same opposition from Hungary and Turkey for similar reasons, and it's doubtful that Sweden's application will be approved any time soon.


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