Saturday, May 27, 2023

Fleecing The MAGA Rubes, Cont.



For a cohort of the population, if you put the name of the Malignant Loser on something, you can sell it for a tidy profit.  The Malignant Loser himself is a practitioner of this type of grift (see, Trump University, "Stop the Steal," etc.).  Now some enterprising thieves in Colorado have joined in fleecing the MAGA rubes with "Trump Bucks":

In the recesses of the internet where some of Donald Trump’s most fervent supporters stoke conspiracies and plot his return to the White House, suspected con artists have been mining their disappointment over the last presidential election for gold.

They’ve been peddling “Trump Bucks,” which are emblazoned with photos of the former president, and advertising them online as a kind of golden ticket that will help propel Trump’s 2024 bid and make the “real patriots” who support him rich when cashed in.  [snip]

NBC News has identified the Colorado-based companies behind the Trump Bucks as Patriots Dynasty, Patriots Future and USA Patriots and reviewed dozens of social posts, online complaints and hundreds of misleading ads for the products. Additionally, NBC News has found at least a dozen people like Amann who say they invested thousands of dollars after watching the pitches on Telegram and other websites that strongly suggested that Trump himself was endorsing these products.  [snip]

Since 2020, when Joe Biden defeated Trump in the presidential election, internet hucksters have been selling pro-Trump products like coins, checks and cards and marketing them as novelty items.

The fine print on the websites offering these items usually notes that they are memorabilia.

But on social media and in promotional videos — many featuring faked celebrity endorsements — the sellers have tapped an audience that believes Trump’s ouster was part of a great conspiracy and that by investing in the Trump Rebate Banking System, or TRB for short, Trump will reward their loyalty by making them rich. 

Those who buy these items, the ads from Patriots Dynasty, Patriots Future and USA Patriots suggest, will be rewarded when Trump unveils a new monetary system that will turn these products into legal tender worth far more than the purchase price...

The patriots rubes have been trying to cash in their Trump bucks at banks and have found them to be as worthless as their cult leader himself, like this Alabammy (where else!?) geezer:

“I saw all these ads on Telegram that had Trump pushing coins and checks that he endorsed and how you can cash them in after a year and make a profit,” the grandmother, who lives in Mobile, told NBC News. “I was told how you can go to Bank of America or Target or Amazon to cash them in.”

About six months ago, the grandmother said, she gathered up the Trump Bucks and commemorative coins she had purchased and drove 60 miles east to the nearest Bank of America branch she could find in Pensacola, Florida.

There, she said, she was greeted by a teller who told her she’d been scammed.

Of course, we have no sympathy, zero, for these morons. Their endless credulity, coupled with the moral- and- character flaws that attract them to the Malignant Loser, is what got us the present day Republican/ Seditionist/ Shooters Party and their cult leader in the White House for 4 awful years.  We only wonder if the Malignant Loser is also wetting his beak in this grift. 

(Image:  Fool's gold Trump Bucks/ Dan Anderson for NBC News)

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