Friday, May 19, 2023

QOTD -- Bootsie DeSantis' Noxious Record


"...Press interest has perked up lately, with DeSantis’ policy initiatives becoming more febrile as his announcement draws nigh.

"But the press hasn’t begun to devote sufficient attention to the curious experiment DeSantis has launched, based on the hypothesis that it’s possible to win a presidential nomination, not to mention a presidential election, by appealing exclusively to a bloc of racists, antisemites, gun nuts and other nightcrawlers of the far right. An America led by DeSantis as he has portrayed himself thus far would be a dystopian hellhole.

"Let the examination begin..." -- Michael Hiltzik, LA Times, on what a "President Ron DeSantis" would bring to America.  Hiltzik goes on at length to remind us of Bootsie's noxious record that, as he notes, the media have not drilled down on sufficiently.

By the way, the latest disaster Bootsie's visited on Florida is the loss of a $1 billion Disney campus in Orlando, which would have added 2,000 high- paying jobs to that state's economy.  Disney said the decision was made due to "changing business decisions," i.e., Bootsie's continuing harassment of Disney for opposing his "Don't Say Gay" law.

BONUS: Bootsie's spouse is apparently a piece of work, too.

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