Thursday, September 28, 2023

Federal Government Shutdown Impacts


The combination of a radical right-wing Republican House caucus and spineless and powerless "leadership" to change course will almost certainly mean a shutdown of the Federal Government at midnight on Saturday. For those who wonder what the impacts would be not only on the civilian and military employees of the Government, but perhaps on their lives, the Associated Press has a primer:

Millions of federal workers face delayed paychecks when the government shuts down, including many of the roughly 2 million military personnel and more than 2 million civilian workers across the nation.

Nearly 60% of federal workers are stationed in the Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security.

While all of the military’s active-duty troops and reservists would continue to work, more than half of the Department of Defense’s civilian workforce, which is roughly 440,000 people, would be furloughed.

Across federal agencies, workers are stationed in all 50 states and have direct interaction with taxpayers — from Transportation Security Administration agents who operate security at airports to Postal Service workers who deliver mail. [snip]

Beyond federal workers, a shutdown could have far-reaching effects on government services. People applying for government services like clinical trials, firearm permits and passports could see delays.

Some federal offices will also have to close or face shortened hours during a shutdown.

Businesses closely connected to the federal government, such as federal contractors or tourist services around national parks, could see disruptions and downturns. The travel sector could lose $140 million daily in a shutdown, according to the U.S. Travel Industry Association.

Lawmakers also warn that a shutdown could rattle financial markets. Goldman Sachs has estimated that a shutdown would reduce economic growth by 0.2% every week it lasted, but growth would then bounce back after the government reopens.

Others say the disruption in government services has far-reaching impacts because it shakes confidence in the government to fulfill its basic duties. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce warned, 'A well-functioning economy requires a functioning government.'”

Our broken media will usually balk at specifically identifying the persons and party responsible, laying the blame on "Congress" not getting its act together. The first thing would be to select a more honest news source. The second would be to understand that this latest hostage taking by the Republican/Forced Birth/Shooters party won't be their last. Every year they've got majority power particularly in the House, expect the debt ceiling, the Federal budget and more to be held ransom to their outrageous demands, which the general public rejects by a significant majority.



seafury said...

Hey WE WANT THIS!! I don't need no gummint help. we got a nice trailer in a nice trailer park by Tallahassee, and my wife's folks live down in the Villages. My wife's got her disability, I got my social security, and we don't need no communistic socialisms. Trump is gonna fix this and another thing.......

Mart said...

Funny how Government deficits don't matter when they have the keys to the car. See in post below that Bootsie even is ratting on his on party, not that any of them get it. "He should be on this stage tonight. He owes it to you to defend his record where they added 7.8 trillion to the debt that set the stage for the inflation that we have.”