Wednesday, September 27, 2023

QOTD -- You Accept What's Happening?

David Rothkopf has some thoughts about how the seven dwarfs on stage at tonight's Republican Presidential Debate should be questioned:

The man who is far and away the most likely candidate to represent the GOP in next year’s presidential elections has dropped all pretense of respecting American laws, values, principles, or democracy itself. He is asking to be made our Caesar. It’s not hyperbole. Accept what’s happening.

So the question before every American right now—and especially before the so-called leaders of the Republican Party—is: Do you support a president who threatens his critics with death? Do you support a president who seeks to silence freedom of speech in America? Isn’t it long past time to acknowledge the threat Donald Trump represents? To stop laughing it off or making excuses for it?

More importantly, real journalists would not only pose these questions, they would insist on real answers. They would follow up when the candidates attempted to deflect or dodge the questions. They would ask the debaters, “How many crimes does this man have to commit or threaten to commit for you to dare to criticize him?”

The questioners will be former Bush press secretary Dana Perino, imported hack Stuart Varney, and Colombian Ilia Calderon, the latter being the only one for which we would have just the slightest hope.

We won't be watching.

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