Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Hunting Hunter: Another Shot In The Foot

Inept, radical and hypocritical Republicans on the House Oversight Committee have been trying since last January to find imaginary dirt on either President Biden or his son Hunter for the purposes of a fraudulent, retaliatory impeachment of the President. Of course, they've come up with zip. They demanded that Hunter Biden appear for a closed door deposition, which they could later manipulate and quote from selectively and maliciously. Imagine their embarrassment when Hunter Biden said he'd be happy to testify, but only in public, something the MAGA crew wanted to avoid at all costs. From MSNBC's Hayes Brown:

"Republicans have demanded that Hunter Biden appear on Dec. 13 for a closed-door deposition to discuss his past business dealings and whether his father ever improperly used his influence while in office to boost those endeavors.

But rather than fight the subpoena, Hunter Biden appears eager, maybe too eager, to appear before the GOP-led panel. In a letter from his lawyer on Tuesday, Biden not only agreed to testify but to do so in an open committee session. And in his response, Oversight Committee Chair Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., made clear how caught off guard he was — and how unprepared he is to back up his tough talk in public."  (our emphasis)

Fearing that they wouldn't be able to control the narrative in a public hearing, Comer & Co. are now faced with the problem of explaining why a public hearing with Biden is worse than their closed door deposition. Here's an example of what they wanted to do to Hunter Biden with their deposition scheme:

"The Oversight Committee has already held numerous closed-door interviews with people in the Bidens’ orbit, including Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s former business partner. Archer’s interview, in particular, was exploited by Republicans who teased out portions that sounded damning, including that Joe Biden had spoken numerous times with his sons’ business associates. Once the full transcripts were released, however, it became clear just how much of a stretch the GOP was making in their characterization of Archer’s testimony as damning for the president."  (our emphasis)

Of course, in an open hearing, Republicans would be free to fling their conspiracies and innuendo at Biden, but Biden and Dems on the Committee would be able to push back and fact check in real time, blunting the intended effect of slanderous Republican accusations. It's clear that's what they're afraid of, with their year-long buffoonish attempt to smear President Biden and his son crashing in flames.

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(photo: James "Wile E. Coyote" Comer and Hunter Biden)

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