Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Pics Of The Day: The Singular Art Of Dain Yoon


South Korean artist Dain Yoon has captured imaginations everywhere with her stunning art that uses her head as the canvas. Now based in New York City, she's been befriended by many in the creative community, and has worked on commercials for numerous international name brands. Here's CNN's description of her work:

"Yoon says she never manipulates her images in post-production. It’s just her, a mirror, a camera and body paint, for between three and 12 hours per shoot. This lengthy process is one reason why she ceased using models for her work — she didn’t want to take up so much of another person’s time.

Yoon has been told her works are dizzying and at times unsettling — think facial features distorted and realigned like a Mr. Potato Head, a semi-molten candle carved in her likeness covered with unblinking eyes or a face that looks like it’s woven together and peeling off in rivulets like a disassembled handbag. Unnerving viewers was never her goal (the artist said she doesn’t even really like dark work, preferring to inject humor) but with her face often the canvas for her art, people sometimes prescribe more meaning to it than she intends, she added."

Here are some absolutely breathtaking examples of her surreal art (click on images to enlarge):


More on Dain at MyModernMet.

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