Thursday, February 22, 2024

Gov. Sununu Shares Thoughts On Malignant Loser

New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu, please share your thoughts on the Malignant Loser:

'It won’t be his party forever. Right? It just won’t. At some point, Donald Trump won’t be here forever,' Sununu said during POLITICO’s Governors Summit. [snip]

'Let me put it a different way: Assholes come and go. But America is here to stay,' he said." (our emphasis)

Yes, until the next Malignant Loser imitator / asshole comes along in the Republican / Forced Birth / Shooters / Putanist party. Because Trumpism / Christofascism / white nationalism won't stop with Trump. When the next "asshole" comes, then you'll all bow down. But nice try.

(photo: Governor's office New Hampshire)


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Frank Wilhoit said...

The ideology is the asshole.