Thursday, February 22, 2024

Judge In Alabama IVF Ruling Is A Raving Republican Christofascist


The recent ruling by the Republican Alabama Supreme Court granting rights to embryos that essentially shut down providing in vitro fertilization (IVF) services to families was guided by its Chief Justice, a raving Christian nationalist nut by the name of Tom Parker.  Let's learn more about this crackpot and the crackpots he associates with from Media Matters:

During a recent interview on the program of self-proclaimed “prophet” and QAnon conspiracy theorist Johnny Enlow, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Tom Parker indicated that he is a proponent of the “Seven Mountain Mandate,” a theological approach that calls on Christians to impose fundamentalist values on all aspects of American life.

Enlow is a pro-Trump “prophet” and leading proponent of the “Seven Mountain Mandate,” a “quasi-biblical blueprint for theocracy” that asserts that Christians must impose fundamentalist values on American society by conquering the “seven mountains” of cultural influence in U.S. life: government, education, media, religion, family, business, and entertainment.

Enlow has also repeatedly pushed the QAnon conspiracy theory, sometimes even connecting it to the Seven Mountain Mandate. Per Right Wing Watch, Enlow has claimed that world leaders are “satanic” pedophiles who “steal blood” and “do sacrifices” and that “there is presently no real democracy on the planet” because over 90 percent of world leaders are involved in pedophilia and are being blackmailed.

On February 16, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos are people, with the same rights as living children, and that a person can be held liable for destroying them, imperiling in vitro fertilization treatment in the state. In a concurring opinion, Parker quoted the Bible, suggested that Alabama had adopted a “theologically based view of the sanctity of life,” and said that “human life cannot be wrongfully destroyed without incurring the wrath of a holy God.”

In the interview on Enlow’s program — which was uploaded the same day as the ruling was issued — Parker claimed that “God created government” and said it’s “heartbreaking” that “we have let it go into the possession of others.” Parker then invoked the Seven Mountain Mandate, saying, “And that's why he is calling and equipping people to step back into these mountains right now.”  [snip] 

Parker’s ties to extreme right-wing Christian and “prophetic” media figures extends beyond the interview with Enlow. 

Last year, Christian nationalist media figure Sean Feucht said Parker had invited him into the court’s chambers for a worship session. Parker also joined a prayer call in March 2023 with supposed prophets and apostles, and he prayed that “there will be a growing hunger in the judges of Alabama, and around the nation for more of God. And that they will be receptive to his moves toward restoration of the judges, so that they can play their forecast role in revival in this nation.”

Check out his rancid bio here.  You should also know this devout "Christian" was a protege of disgraced teenage girl sex predator Roy Moore

We wrote yesterday about the Christofascist Republicans who are setting the agenda for another Malignant Loser administration, and the assault they propose to make on our country's freedoms.  To the extent they use a patina of faux- religious babble to justify it, as this hypocritical Alabama peckerwood does, makes it no less repugnant and un- American.  (As we've noted before, when we use the term "Christofascist," the emphasis is always on the "fascist.")

As they've shown since the Republican U.S. Supreme Court, with its Malignant Loser- appointed justices, the end of Roe v. Wade was simply the beginning of the Christofascists' assaults on women's rights, as state after state controlled by Republicans enact more and more restrictive laws on reproductive choice.  They'll continue to try to impose their ugly reactionary views on their "seven mountains" of government, education, media, religion, family, business, and entertainment.  You don't have to look too closely to see them working at it every day all around you.

They won't stop unless we stop them.


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(Photo:  Peckerwood Parker, pulling down barriers between church and state / via Alabama Political Reporter)


Gene Perry said...

The appeals court will overturn this one.

W. Hackwhacker said...

Gene -- Unlikely. State supreme court cases can be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, but only when they rely on the U.S. Constitution. The ruling relies heavily on the Alabama Constitution, including language that the state recognizes the rights of the “unborn.”