Saturday, February 24, 2024

QOTD -- Wrong? The Media Doesn't Do That!


"... The story is no longer whether Joe Biden committed high crimes and misdemeanors by maintaining relations with his ne’er-do-well son. In fact, there has never been any credible evidence to support that conclusion.

"The real story is that the ludicrous Republican impeachment investigation has now been exposed as a Russian intelligence op. This, even as Republicans do Russian President Vladimir Putin’s bidding by blocking support for Ukraine and only a few short years after Trump aides welcomed Russian moves to help the Trump campaign in 2016.

"But the political reporters at our most esteemed newsrooms who went to great lengths to portray the Biden impeachment investigation as a serious inquiry seem unable to change gears.

"I’m not surprised. It  would require them to admit they were wrong. They don’t do that..." -- media critic Dan Froomkin, Press Watch, on the latest media fail "The Hunter Biden story has done a total 180 but the MSM is in denial."  Froomkin brings the receipts, as usual.  Legacy media outlets (the New York Effing Times, WaPo, etc.) continue to succumb to horse race journalism, both sidesism, copying Republican talking points, and lede- burying, the ultimate effect being democracy dying in darkness. To be fair, one non- cable source we monitor that we think does a decent job of exposing the constant Republican lies and gaslighting in a short- attention- span format is David Muir's "ABC World News Tonight."  You be the judge.

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