Monday, February 26, 2024

What's That Musk-y Smell? Oh No! "Algorithmic Shadow-Banning"

Lunatic smearer of the Sandy Hook kids and other gun violence victims Alex Jones, complaining that the X social media site is "censoring" the vile and deceitful "InfoWars" account:

"'I'm calling this... algorithmic shadow-banning or algorithmic throttled shadow-banning where it's done a lot of different ways, but it's definitely going on. And so I think we're at the stage here of finding how bad the manipulation is on X, which, you know, it's total on the other platforms. [snip]

We need to have a discussion about that and find out why that is and what changes have been made, or is he doing what Google did 25 years ago where they're open and free at first could get everybody on the platform, and it works so great, and it's so wonderful. Then over time, they start bringing in controls until now it's a complete and total fraud."

How this vicious fascist thug is still allowed to broadcast his filth is incredible, given the enormous judgements that fined him $965 million and $473 million for his lies about the victims of the 2011 Sandy Hook massacre and their families. But it's good to see Jones' knife out for Musk, though. Eventually, extreme right-wingers turn on each other as soon as they don't get maximum leeway to spread their venom.

(photo: Alex Jones and his deranged pie hole. Mike Segar / Reuters)

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