Monday, February 19, 2024

Wisconsin's New Legislative Maps End Republican Gerrymanders


Elections matter;  they'll matter even more once Republican gerrymandering is ended, as what just happened in one critical State.  Forward Wisconsin!

The Wisconsin governor, Tony Evers, has signed into law a pair of new state legislative maps, undoing a Republican gerrymander that has shaped Wisconsin politics for more than a decade and giving Democrats a chance at winning control of the state in future elections.

“It’s a new day for Wisconsin,” said Evers at a press conference on Monday to cheers from a room of anti-gerrymandering activists.

His signature likely marks the end of a protracted fight over Wisconsin’s legislative lines and greatly reduces the Republican bias baked into the current maps. Republicans have enjoyed unchallenged control over the state assembly and senate for more than a decade because of legislative maps they drew to ensure that they would have large majorities in both chambers even in years Democrats won the majority of votes statewide.

The new maps are the result of a December ruling from the Wisconsin supreme court that the current state assembly and senate maps are unconstitutional. The court ordered the state to adopt new legislative maps before the 2024 election. Evers, lawmakers in both parties and multiple outside groups submitted revised maps to the court for consideration. After consultants hired by the court to review them said that the maps drawn by the Republican lawmakers maintained their partisan gerrymander and “do not deserve further consideration,” Republicans lawmakers decided to adopt the maps Evers had proposed – which give them a slight edge at maintaining their majorities – rather than roll the dice on court-drawn maps that could benefit Democrats even more...

Wisconsin is, of course, a critical battleground State.  While the redrawing of legislative lines doesn't directly impact the outcome of Federal elections, to the extent it reduces the chance of MAGAt Republican legislators engaging in voter suppression, election chicanery, and/or election subversion, it's a huge step in the right direction.  Moreover, just having a more representative legislature is what democracy is about, right?

This was all made possible by Wisconsin voters electing Janet Protasiewicz to the Wisconsin Supreme Court nearly a year ago, altering the balance of power on the court in favor of Democrats.  All elections matter in the struggle to preserve American democracy.  Wisconsin, an historic laboratory of American democracy in the past, is showing the way forward once again.


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