Saturday, March 2, 2024

Tweets / Xeets Of The Day

Trumper judge on classified docs theft case still working hard for him --


The Malignant Loser's going to get a whole lot poorer soon. --



Drugs were ordered for the White, the Trump White House that is. --

Massive influence peddling involving foreign governments and Kushner. --


Fux "News" propagandist wants you to forget her role in Russian intelligence operation. -- 

Laying the blame where it belongs: our broken, Republican-fearing media. --

Yo, "uncommitted" Democrats --


A bad couple of days for MAGA voter suppression efforts -- 

Thanks to human / turtle hybrid Mitch "Blank Out" McConnell -- 

Murderous Putin's legacy: the perpetual grief of mothers. -- 

If the shoe fits, and they're being offered at a big, never surrender discount! --  

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