Monday, April 15, 2024

Prosecutors: Fine Trump For Gag Order Violation

At the hush money / election interference trial of the Malignant Loser today, prosecutors asked that the Malignant Loser be fined a measly $3000 for Truth Social posts about witnesses in the trial. From The Hill:

"The Manhattan district attorney’s office on Monday sought to fine former President Trump over his inflammatory social media posts and remarks about his criminal hush money case.

Assistant District Attorney Chris Conroy said the former president in three recent Truth Social posts violated a gag order imposed by Judge Juan Merchan barring him from attacking witnesses, prosecutors, court staff and the judge’s family.

Conroy asked that Trump be fined $1,000 for each post and be reminded he can be jailed if he continues violating the gag order. The judge has not yet ruled.

'The defendant is aware of the April 1 order. We know that from various posts he had made,' Conroy said. [snip]

Prosecutors pointed to an April 10 post where Trump thanked Michael Avenatti, the ex-lawyer to porn actress Stormy Daniels, for 'revealing the truth about two sleazebags who have, with their lies and misrepresentations, cost our Country dearly.' The 'sleazebags' referenced by Avenatti were Daniels and Trump’s ex-fixer, Michael Cohen.

Another Trump post in question, also shared April 10, showed an 'official statement' by Daniels where she denied having an affair with Trump — a core allegation in the case. Daniels later recanted the statement, which was not noted in Trump’s post.

And lastly, in an April 13 post, Trump described Cohen as a 'disgraced attorney and felon…prosecuted for lying' and suggested Mark Pomerantz, an ex-Manhattan prosecutor who once oversaw the investigation into the former president, should be 'prosecuted for his terrible acts in and out of the D.A.’s Office.'”

The judge is expected to hear arguments on April 24, and has the power to increase the fine. The felonious buffoon can't help spreading his venom against anyone associated with the cases against him, and he'll keep on especially when the penalty is so low. A few nights at the Rikers jail might concentrate his weak mind better.

(photo: "I have never seen the woman standing beside me before!")

BONUS:  Shrunken head pic of the day (Jeenah Moon-Pool / Getty Images) --

He's not well.  Sleepy, but not well.

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